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Orgasms … by Venus

Venus provides gigantic Orgasms for women of all ages
and sizes – nationwide. This service is a forum of intimacy
coaching, provided locally by licensed professionals.
Orgasms can alleviate depressions, bust immunity,
relieve tensions, ease pain, increase blood flow,
strengthen muscles, improve sleep ability, loose weight,
make you look and feel better without medications. May
decrease cancer risks. Make you walk and talk better,
feel and look more attractive.
Venus Clubs are in the process of creating individually and
privately owned, women only “ Orgasms by Venus “ clubs in
strategically located zip code areas, nationwide.
Entrepreneurs and professionals, nurses psychologist, etc. may
acquire the privilege  to own and operate a Venus Club in a
specific area for a one-time fee of $5,000.00. This is not a franchise.
This arrangement may be a joint-venture with local partners to
be operated anonymously. You must provide accommodations.
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Erotic Massage Benefits

To acquire a privilege to own and operate an Orgasms by Venus,
Club in your zip code area, forward a $5,000.00 check made payable
to Ralph Juliano  via USPS Registered mail at
1800 N. Broom Street, # 902, Wilmington, DE 19802, Include 2 zip code
area numbers you choose to secure and your credentials.( about you )
In the event your choice of areas are not available, we will return your
check. Questions ?  Subject VENUS
Can you manage this lucrative arrangement ?  Who can ? 
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